June Performance Coaches Notes

Performance Coach Note, 4 June, 2023

I will try to send this as an attachment to an Amilia email to those listed as “competitive” members. Here’s hoping it will go.


If you’re wondering what type of workout to do, the  training doc contains what the Sr. Comp folks should be doing.  If you’re new to training for rowing, work into it. The beauty of a “zone” or “category” based workout system is that as you get fitter, the same workout (say Cat 6 or Zone 1 or L1 as the juniors are following) is done at a higher speed and for longer, and the Cat 1/Z5/L5 workouts are done at hugely higher speeds. Your body keeps developing as you train.  (It also de-trains rather quickly – you keep most of the strength, but the muscle enzymes that enhance endurance go away after only a few weeks.)


The foodboard parts to work on steering for Hoskins, Hades, and Komex have arrived from Vespoli. Argh, they’re expensive – I’ll work on them over the next while.


The water on Saturday couldn’t be better. The air was a bit dodgy and some found their throats more raspy than usual. Results for the TTs that I timed are here. Lessons: People need to move with a bit more purpose – walk instead of strolling.  Are you happy rowing in someone’s wake? Pass them.


Lakeland RC have hosted a training camp in the past, but it has been disrupted for the last few years.  The camp is on again on a weekend in July.  Please consider attending.

ARA Lakeland  Vermilion Summer Camp Info

ARA Vermilion Camp, Registration sheet.

ARA Vermilion Camp: Food and Accommodations:

Western Canada Sprints Information Packet – Regina, June 10. 

Entries are in for the WC Sprints – you should be getting your invoice for your share of the costs of the boat trailer and your entry fees. Entry fees are $60 per person (includes lunch on site), $7.35 per race that you entered, and $73.15 for one 22nd part of trailer costs (truck rent, mileage, fuel)


For those planning to race this year you will need to buy an ERC club uniform. 

Here is the link to buy one: https://rowwest.com/ 

Justin at RowWest is hustling to get our uniforms made but he had a problem with a very expensive fabric ‘printer’ breaking down, so we’re hoping they’ll come soon.

Comp Seniors and Juniors are expected to use unisuits to race.  Masters who prefer not to use unisuits, please order singlets from RowWest, and wear black rowing shorts with the singlet.

Coming events:

Please note – some of these dates are tentative and will be updated, and we may not attend all of these regattas.  Bold dates are confirmed.

June 4. Entry Deadline, Western Canada Sprints (Regina) (DONE)

June 24. Entry Deadline, Alberta Open.

June 10. Western Canada Sprints, Regina (St. George’s School trailer delivering our three new singles to ERC at Regina)

July 1, 2. Alberta Open, Calgary

July 7-9, Elk Lake, Victoria, BC.  BC Challenge West (essentially BC Championships)

July 14-16 Burnaby Lake, Burnaby, BC. Cascadia Masters Champs

August 6 Henley Masters Regatta, St. Catharines, ON

August 6-13 Canadian Masters Rowing Championships, Concurrent with Henley in St. Catharines.

August 8-13 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, St. Catharines, ON

August 18-19 North Western International Rowing Association (NWIRA) Champs, Kenora, Ontario.

Late September, Dino’s Sprints

September 29-October 1: Quamichan Lake (near Duncan, BC) – National Rowing Championship

First or Second weekend of October, Canada West University Championships, Burnaby Lake, Burnaby, BC.

October 14-15 – HOG/TOG, Victoria, BC

October 20-22 Head of the Charles, Boston, MA, USA

November 10-12, Canadian University Rowing Championships, Burnaby Lake, Burnaby, BC. (2 day regatta, scheduled for 3 days with one a reserve “weather” day)