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June Performance Coaches Notes

If you’re wondering what type of workout to do, the training doc contains what the Sr. Comp folks should be doing. If you’re new to training for rowing, work into it. The beauty of a “zone” or “category” based workout system is that as you get fitter, the same workout (say Cat 6 or Zone 1 or L1 as the juniors are following) is done at a higher speed and for longer, and the Cat 1/Z5/L5 workouts are done at hugely higher speeds. Your body keeps developing as you train. (It also de-trains rather quickly – you keep most of the strength, but the muscle enzymes that enhance endurance go away after only a few weeks.)

May Stroke Update

A few volunteers are still needed for Come Try Rowing Day on May 27. This is a great chance to showcase our wonderful sport of rowing to potential new members! I’ve told several people about it and I’m really looking forward to seeing their smiling faces as they get in a boat for the very firs time! It’s a lot of fun – Come Try Volunteering!

Annual Fees 2022

Sport  (Recreational)                     $664 includes ARA/RCA fees                             The Sport (Recreational) Program is aimed at individuals looking for casual rowing.  During peak months (June, July, August and September) there are up to 5 sessions offered each week.  Sport Program participants can attend local regattas, participate in training camps and occasional touring around Alberta. The Program also- Read More