At the Edmonton Rowing Club, we are passionate about making rowing accessible to everyone with the desire to pick up an oar. Our diverse range of programs is designed to accommodate a variety of needs, schedules, aspirations, skill levels, and interests. Whether you’re looking for the camaraderie and enjoyment of recreational rowing with sessions available 5 times a week, the intensity and discipline of competitive rowing with 7+ workouts per week, or our junior program catering to young athletes aged 12 to 18, we have something for everyone.

Flexibility is at the heart of our ethos. You will have the liberty to transition between programs, subject to availability and your ability, ensuring a fit that’s just right for your development and goals. We warmly welcome new members into any rowing program throughout the season.

If you’re curious about which program aligns best with your rowing journey or if you simply seek further details, we’re here to help. Reach out to us at, and let’s embark on this exhilarating journey together.


interested in learning how to row?






Lighter Pace

Looking to keep fit at a lighter pace? This is our club program for recreational rowers.

Ages 18+

Your choice of up to 5 sessions per week.

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Choose Your Pace

Continue to row at a competitive level while balancing life’s commitments or row recreationally. The choice is yours!

Ages 21+

For experienced rowers, competition practices are 4-5 x per week & weekend mornings.

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Highly Competitive

Training 7+ times per week, mornings, evenings & weekends.

U23 and 23+

For competitive rowers. Ages 19 and up.


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Development & Performance

Transition through developing the skills to become a competent rower to having the competitive edge to compete for the ERC.

Ages 12-18

For developing and competitive rowers. Training is 5 – 7 x per week. Development is weekday evenings and Sunday mornings. Performance is weekday mornings & evenings, and weekends.

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