It’s with great excitement that we announce the newest addition to our crew: Hannah Smith, our new Club Manager. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Hannah as you pass her by at the club. We are thrilled for her to embarks on this exciting new journey with us.

A Familiar Face with Fresh Ideas

You may recognize Hannah from her oar-slicing prowess with the UART and ERC summer senior crew. But now, she’s taking on a new role, bringing her passion for rowing and her studies in sports performance to the helm of our club. With an understanding of the sport and a fresh perspective on club management, Hannah is poised to steer us toward success.

Navigating New Waters

As Hanna settles into her new role, we ask for your patience and understanding as she learns the ropes and implements new ideas to enhance club operations. We value kindness and appreciation as she works diligently to streamline processes and create more efficiencies at the club.

Together We Row

At the heart of our club is a tight-knit community bound by our love for rowing. As Hannah moves forward in this role, let’s rally together, offering encouragement, positive feedback, and camaraderie.

Smooth Sailing Ahead

Hannah’s dedication, passion, and fresh perspectives will undoubtedly move us forward.

Have questions for Hannah? You can always reach out at hannahsmith@edmontonrowing.ca

Join us in welcoming Hannah Smith, our new Club Manager!