The annual Dino Classic held in Calgary, AB took place the weekend following the Head of the Vermillion on October 5th. Once again the Edmonton and University crews took to the roads to compete against their flat land neighbors. The day consisted of strong winds and choppy waters right from the start, but that did not stop Edmonton and University crews from racing hard.

Early Saturday morning selected Edmonton and University athletes competed in the National Rowing Championships time trial for Team Alberta. These athletes consisted of: Isabelle Belzil, Ole Tietz, Colin Findlay, and James and Gregor Allan. All of our athletes raced incredibly strong and were selected to represent Alberta at NRC’s this coming November! Congratulations to all!

The Dino Classic took place immediately after the NRC time trials. It consisted of 1500m sprints in the am, and two flights of 3km head racing around the sprint course in the pm.

As the second regatta for the novice team, they were more aware of what to expect, and our competitive crews were excited to get a chance to branch out and race against Saskatchewan and Manitoba as this would be their first appearance in Alberta for the fall racing season.

Congratulations to the University of Alberta Open Men’s 4+ for being our only crew to place first in their Dino Sprints Race.

 Andrew Douglas

Burak Ozguluk

Ben Altman

Josh Belke

C. Deborah Johnson

Following the sprints the head racing kicked off. Crews thrived in the change of racing environment and had a much better outcome than in the sprints. Multiple boats were able to over take the other teams, making the flights rather exciting to watch from land. Congratulations to the following crews for their first place finish!

Master Men’s 8+: Charles Rannells, Glen Rollans, Frans Slatter, Ray McKall, Bill Sabey, Doug Lynass, Neala McDonald, Martyn Crowder, C. Alex Martin

Mixed Master’s 4x

Master Women’s 2x: Sheila Findlay, Allision Secord

Novice Women’s 8+: C. Roland Dennet

Open Men’s 2x: Quinn Brandly, Ole Tietz

Open Men’s 4+: Andrew Douglas, Burak Ozguluk, Ben Altman, Josh Belke, C. Deborah Johnson

Open Men’s 4x

Open Women’s 4-: Andrea LAbreque, Jess Phillips, Mallory Turner, Isabelle Belzil

Open Women’s 8+: Andrea Labreque, Mallory Turner, Isabelle Belizil, Jess Phillips, Amanda Cinnamon, Leanne Leder, Becky Smith, Shannon Hill, C. Aline Belzil