The CanAmMex regatta, held July 11th & 12th 2015, is a three way race between the Junior Teams of Canada, Mexico and the

United States.  The ERC was well represented at this international event with two members selected to represent Canada.  Following a tough week of seat racing in early June, Aline Belzil was selected to represent Canada at the Canamex regatta as part of the Women’s sculling squad. Further, ERC head coach Ali Williams was selected as the coach for Women’s sculling group. The group was comprised of four athletes from St. Catharines, Saskatoon and Edmonton who raced a double (2x), an “A” single (1x) and a “B” single (1x) on Saturday, and combined to race the quad (4x) on Sunday.

Day One

With the sage advice of Ali to guide them through their first international regatta, the Women’s 2x of Anna Maloney (St. Catharines RC) and Skyler Goudswaard (St. Catharines RC) raced to a gold medal in a thrilling race. Inspired by the success of her crew mates Aline Belzil (Edmonton RC) took on the competition the “B” Women’s 1x and barged her way to another gold medal by 6 length of open water. Last up was Sarah Craven (Saskatoon RC), who just missed out on the top spot in the “A” Women’s 1x and took home a sliver medal.

Day Two

The Canadian Women’s 4x lined up to take on the competition with Sarah Craven in the stroke seat, Aline Belzil and Anna Maloney providing the firing power in the middle pair, and Skyler Goudswaard calling the shots from the bow seat. The race was close in the beginning but by the time they reached the line they had 4 lengths of open water on the rest of the field. The Women’s 4x was the only Canadian big boat to win a gold medal on Sunday.


With two gold medals from two starts in her first international outing the ERC is very proud of Aline. Next up for her is Royal Canadian Henley in August where she is looking to better last year’s third place finish in the Junior B Category.